Made by Sarah Morris and the Mission:Information team including Mateo Clarke, Sean Dellis, Mike Kanin, Robert Friedman, and Mozilla Remixed from lessons created by MOUSE.

50 minutes with optional 30 minute extension activity

Lesson 1 of 3 in the Mission:Information series

Empower your learners to be savvy consumers of news. Equip your learners to evaluate news sources and examine the credibility of news on the web. Help them strengthen their critical thinking and media literacy skills while practicing skills like evaluate and navigate.

Web Literacy Skills

21st Century Skills

Internet Health Outcomes

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss and identify factors that make news credible
  • Identify different types of news sources, including types of misinformation
  • Evaluate and critically engage with different types of news sources on the web
  • Determine the credibility of different types of news on the web using set criteria


  • Beginner web user – Middle grade learners age 10+
  • Intermediate web user – Upper grade learners age 13+


  • See all Mission:Information materials, organized by lesson, in this Mission:Information Google Drive Folder.Please use the links below to make a copy of the online worksheets which are in Google Forms.
  • Legit-O-Meter online worksheets - Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2. Note that these links will take you to a login screen. Login with a Google account (any Google Education account will work) and then confirm that you wish to make a copy when prompted.
  • Legit-O-Meter printable worksheets
  • Legit-O-Meter article batches guide and article selection template
  • Paper for brainstorming
  • Pens/Pencils for notes
  • Worksheet Assessment Rubrics
  • Standards Mapping Document